Monday, January 11, 2010

1.11.2010, ftw

lots of time to kill today, since i don't work until 2pm.

good weekend. wrote a record and a restaurant review for the fort worth weekly. the li'l stoogeband played the grotto for the first time. the room sounded better than i expected, and we had a good crowd and played well. it was amy kadleck's b-day, so my sweetie got her a cake and bubbles, as well as a dia de los muertos skeleton-monkey from plaza del sol. mike haskins from the nervebreakers showed up with his wife patti and made my night. (they dug the show.) mike sez the nb's will be playing sxsw again this year, which is a reason for me to go. tony chapman was in the house -- first time i'd seen him in months.

yesterday made bacon, beans and toast for breakfast, grilled cheese sammies for lunch, then my sweetie made herbed chicken and bok choy for din-din.

today i just need to do the catbox and cans, wait for edits from the italian kid, and remember to bring home o.j. and more cm chicken pot pies (two for $6 until wednesday!) as my sweetie has a meeting this evening.


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