Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Brokegrove Lads' "Buluga Chic Push"

"A bunch of geezers go into the studio and come out sounding like Genesis produced by Giorgio Moroder. Go fig." Mixed and mastered by Matt Hickey. Recorded by Britt Robisheaux at Cloudland Recording studio. The Lads (on this occasion, Robert Kramer, Terry Valderas, and Your Humble Chronicler o' Events) with special guest vocalist, dramaturge Rob Bosquez. Originally titled "Buluga Push Transit" after a dream of composer Terry's wherein he was being pulled in a rickshaw by a whale, retitled in honor of Kramer's Bernard Edwards-esque low end theory. I was trying to mimic Frank Cervantez's economy, but wound up overplaying as always. The solo at the end marks the return of the "Buddy Guy if he just woke up" sound I employed on the Top Secret...Shh record.


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