Saturday, June 19, 2010

6.19.2010, ftw

happy my sweetie's back from her conference in san antonio.

great night at 1919 hemphill last night (with beers at the b&b before 'n' after). on this occasion, HIO was hickey, terry, big marcus (on small instruments as well as 'bone) and myself. out-of-towners doggebi (flute with loops/trap drummer who deftly switched between brushes/mallets/sticks, from houston) and clear spot (tabletop guitar, 'puter, and drums, from austin/dallas/ftw) melted my mind. tonight we get to do it again at the phoenix project in dallas.

in the listening queue: 1919 compilation cd, new album from ohio poetry-rock dood dan mcguire that i've had for a couple months now, and jimi's first rays of the new rising sun on wonderful 180 gram vinyl that arrived in the mail in a pizza box. doc's had it for $45; i found it on amazon for $12.


Blogger Breaking Light said...

I dug Doggebi, bought their cd. The drummer has alot of Bruford influence.

5:12 PM  

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