Sunday, November 15, 2009

11.14.2009, ftw

for some reason, i always seem to cut my hands at work on days when i'm going to be playing a show. in this case, i tried to open the door to the dumpster one-handed and when the bolt slid back, it sliced off a little piece of my thumb. i also discovered that the first aid kits at work haven't been restocked in awhile, although one of the managers said she'd get that fixed and i believe her. it didn't really cause me any difficulty during the show, except toward the end, when the band-aid slipped off, but fortunately the neck of my gtr i smooth.

hadn't played lola's stockyards before; in fact, i'd only been there once, for the no idea fest last spring, but it's a good sounding room, with a low ceiling and lots of wood, and dre did his usual ace job of dressing the stage. loading in down the stairs was a minor irritant, but at least we know now that the way to do it is to drive up in the alley from the cross street south of exchange. good to see carl and tina pack, and old wreck room friends graham richardson, tony addison, and lee allen stopped by in the course of the evening, and brian forella (bless him) bought us a round of shots at the end of our set. it's trippy that one of the bartenders is friends with my oldest daughter. my middle daughter and son-in-law (flushed with tcu football fever) and some of their friends also caught part of the show. unfortunately, they were unable to join us for pancakes afterward (working this morning); maybe another time.

the dangits played a killer high-energy set, sounding like every good band out of orstralia in the '80s and scandinavia in the '90s. mike noyes is a frontman in the grand lemmy tradition, standing with his head back, roaring over the din of his and branden smith's blazing guitars and a pummeling riddim section. the phrase that pays is "hard act to follow." nice cats, too. when the li'l stoogeband had our typical equipment churn (to be different, i broke a low E string and teague had non-head-related snare drum issues), they let us use their gear. cat even changed a string on my epi while i was using his strat, after warning me that i'd need to tune up because they tune down to D. looking forward to seeing them with the me-thinks, max cady (now with spyche on bass!), and the hochimen at lola's 6th on december 11th.

when i was dashing off the setlist, i forgot "nonalignment pact," so we were gonna play it in place of "1970," but somebody actually requested that toon, so we dropped "1969" instead. when we finished, mike from the dangits told me, "you guys are like fucking bruce springsteen," referring to the duration of our sets. i know the hour-plus sets are a beating on jon -- the only person on stage who's actually working hard -- but matt and i are greedy. it's the one element of tension in the band, besides the perpetual difficulty in scheduling. we've got nothing else on the books this year, but i hope we'll continue in 2010.

our enjoyment of the evening was muted somewhat by seeing a cat get beat down and knocked out by his buddy in the alley while we were loading out. it's always bugged me, the undercurrent of violence that exists anywhere there's alcohol being consumed. hope the kid's ok and didn't sustain any permanent damage from his night of drunken stupidity.

postscript: teague and i were struggling to remember jerry reed's name when "east bound and down" came on the jukebox last night, and this afternoon, frank cervantez sent me this link. there are no coincidences!


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