Sunday, October 11, 2009

october is the new june

lots of weddings to go to this month. today it's the gal that cuts my sweetie's hair (whom i've known for about 12 yrs now) and a cat i usedta play music with. on the 23rd, it's the son of the man that brought me here and his sweetie, who've been together four eight yrs and lived together for four, even tho they're only 24. the day after that, it's my HIO trombone player and his sweetie (whom i actually thought were married already), who are having their honeymoon in rome. my middle dtr and her husband missed last night's stoogeshow (and ray rubbing peanut butter on himself) because they had a wedding to go to out of town. and so on.


Blogger a. said...

fall is a great time to tie the knot. our anniversary is coming up next week on the 22nd.

3:51 AM  

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