Saturday, February 10, 2007

rory gallagher

was also reminded of this cat today...proof positive that the phrase "irish blues gtrist" is not an oxymoron. back when i was a snotnose, i ranked him right up there with hendrix, jeff beck, and johnny winter. my college band usedta play his version of this junior wells toon, which stephen the drummer and i learned off rory's scorching live in europe alb. rory made flannel shirts cool long before the minutemen and all those seattle boyzzz. during the height of the troubles, he'd play belfast every christmas and have i.r.a. and u.d.a. mofos standing shoulder to shoulder, in peace. rory passed in 1995. now there's a movement afoot to name the airport in his native cork in his honor. they could do a lot worse.


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