Saturday, January 21, 2006

wicked pickett kicks it

r.i.p. wilson pickett, 1941-2006. when i was growing up on lawn guyland, all the slightly-older cats in my german-italian-irish catholic 'hood dug this man's music, even tho he represented precisely the kind of assertive black masculinity that scared the living shee-it out of them when encountered in the flesh. if i live to be a thousand, i doubt i'll ever want to hear "midnight hour" or "mustang sally" evereverever again due to their oldies radio / coverband overoveroverexposure, but i can't say the same of "i found a love" or "funky broadway" or especially "i'm in love." go easy, sir.


Blogger ANDREW M. said...

i always dug "99 and a half (just won't do)" and "634-5789." also the end credits scene in "the great outdoors" where they're blasting "land of 1000 dances" and dan ackroyd gets downright funky in those awful red plaid pants. he shall be missed...

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