Friday, November 22, 2019

Katboy's "Gumshoe"

Katboy is the online alias of Matt Hembree, bassist extraordinaire with Pablo and the Hemphill 7 and (occasionally) Goodwin. Fun Matt facts: He was once a songwriter in residence for Kids Who Care, and is even more occasionally the guy who stands on the other side of the stage from me whenever Stoogeaphilia reconvenes.

Matt grew up (a la Charlie Haden) playing in a family bluegrass band back in Tennessee. When he went off to college, he heard the Ramones and thought, "Gee, these songs are like the ones I used to play with Mom and Dad, but more rockin'!" His songwriting came to the fore in the late '90s with Bindle, my favorite Fort Worth band I never heard until they briefly reunited a few years back. He's been working on his own music at home intermittently over the years, and the other day he shared with me a song that I dug so much I asked him if I could share it. (He said yes.)

"Gumshoe" is a tasty pop-rock confection, reminiscent of something from the grunge era. As Matt sayeth, "If it were 30 years ago...and I was 30 years younger...I might have something here." I'd say he does anyway. But don't take my word for it. Give it a listen and decide for yourself.


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