Saturday, March 16, 2019

Tahiti's "Light Blue Room"

Three years ago, I saw the rapper-filmmaker Tahiti crash Decadent Dub Team's stage at the sixth anniversary of The Kessler in Oak Cliff, in the company of his fellow rappers XL7 (aka Ty Macklin) and Doc Strange, performing their single "Don't Get It Twisted." Not long after that, Tahiti and Doc Strange released an EP, the sci-fi opera Sindrome, on Macklin's label. Since then, Tahiti's been silent. That night at the Kessler, he told me he'd been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and that night's performance would be his last. But life's full of surprises, and when confronted with challenges, creative people tend to do what they do...create.

So I'm happy to report that Tahiti has a new single, "Light Blue Room," an unflinching look at the effects of Parkinson's that features Pikahsso --Tahiti's collaborator in the hip hop groups PPT and Awkquarius as well as the Trap House Youtube series -- and is available now via iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and "the other ones." There's also a video which Tahiti plans to release on April 11, to coincide with World Parkinson's Day. Till then, take a listen, buy a download, and peep the Mayo Clinic site to learn more about the disease. And send my friend a good thought or two, why doncha?


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