Friday, October 06, 2017

Brokegrove Lads' "The Robert Hall Suite"

Ever since our inception, Brokegrove Lads (Matt Hickey having departed, that'd be Terry Valderas, Robert Kramer, and your humble chronicler o' events) have talked about doing something episodic like a Faust record. For our most recent sesh, to overcome our tendency to let jams go on too long, Terry came up with a four sound beds, inspired by dreams, to use as springboards for improvisation. We invited local dramaturge Rob Bosquez to add his vocals, and convened in the usual place (Cloudland Recording Studios, with Britt Robisheaux at the controls) back in March to make the noises we make. Terry did the mixing and sequencing, his pal Captain Smackdown mastered the results, and "The Robert Hall Suite" (named by me after an East Coast haberdasher where you could get a suit with two pairs of pants for 50 bucks, back when) is now ready for your listening and dancing pleasure on Bandcamp. So there.


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