Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Stoogeaphilia @ the 1912 Club, 1.9.2016

Photo by Jeffery Martin

I don't post about all my music gigs anymore because 1) I don't play that many and 2) I realize it's not that innaresting for you to read about 'em. But last Saturday, the li'l Stoogeband played one that was better documented than any we've played in the last three or four years, and I'm pretty happy with the results.

The 1912 is the neighborhood bar across from 1919 Hemphill where Grant Baird has been booking shows for a few months, and when Grant and Robby Rux recently threw a shindig to celebrate the release of new tapes by Tame Tame & Quiet and BULLS on Robby's Dreamy Life label (which I'll review when I get a new cassette-playing ahrn), they invited the li'l Stoogeband to be on the bill (along with Austinites The Crack Pipes) and we weren't otherwise engaged. The spot has a welcoming vibe, and the regs hung around while the rockaroll was going on. It kind of reminded me of Taqueria Pedritos over in Big D. The mirrors around the stage reminded me of service clubs in Asia, and the stage lighting was seizure-inducing, but the sound wasn't bad (although probably better closer to the pool tables than close up for us -- all that glass bounces sound around unmercifully). I'd dig to play there again.

Our friend and Matt Hembree's Goodwin bandmate Daniel Gomez attempted to do some multitrack recording and GoPro video-shooting, some of which was undermined when the sound guys had to replace Ray's mic cords (he didn't actually destroy five SM-58s like I thought, but when the legend beats the truth...), but he was able to do some salvage by using vocals from his room mics (one of which got inadvertently turned toward the wall during the recording). So far he's shared four songs: "Nonalignment Pact," "Future Now," "Johanna," and "TV Eye." For what it's worth, and if I do say so myself, these are the best audio recordings of us in the ten years we've been a band (first gig was 4.9.2006).

Additionally, Richard Hurley's friend Jeffery Martin took some great photos of the gig -- a challenge in that environment -- which we've shared on our Facebook page (and above). He also wrote this:

Stoogeaphilia @ 1912 Club, Ft. Worth 1-9-16. It's been six years since I've seen Stoogeaphilia perform. It's also funny how many cover bands I've seen in the past several years. It's the kind of thing I never thought I would enjoy. However, there's a difference between a cover band and a tribute act. Tribute acts present themselves as an impersonation, taking on the look and mannerisms of their subject. A cover band just plays the songs. There are very few, at least of the ones I've seen, who take the material and put a little of their own personalities into it. The Blackouts, a band I used to DJ with did "60s Garage Rock covers, but as themselves. The Gorehounds do the Cramps, in a very tribute-like fashion, but there's no doubt they bring a huge edge to it via the remarkable musicianship of the players. And the same can be said about Stoogeaphilia. Those who are familiar know they play more than just Stooges covers. Last night they also covered Pere Ubu, MC5, Dead Boys, The Dicks, and Hawkwind. It's a lesson to the secret history of rock 'n' roll (one of the many), translated by a seriously tight, hard rockin' unit. It’s the kind of thing you love to expose someone to it who doesn't know anything about it, and watch their minds be blown. "That was the greatest band I've ever seen", someone would most certainly say. 

It's very flattering when somebody "gets it." Our thanks to Daniel and Jeffery, and to you if you were there.

ADDENDUM: Daniel just shared "Funhouse." Break it down...


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