Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Teenagers from Aledo, that already have a record out on Tee Pee. Jon Teague was running sound for them one night and said they checked with an obscuro jam by Japanese oddball J.A. Seazer (which was right up JT's alley; could they have known?). Ben Schultz told me he once asked the guitar player, "So let me guess -- your dad's a guitar player, and you've been playing since you were six, ri-i-ight?" only to be informed that no, Chase's dad weren't no guitar-slinger, and he's figured it all out on his own the last four or five years. Ty Choat told me the kid's secret is he started out focusing on tone, not licks. Whatevah; sounds like it's working. As is Ethan Lyons' Elvin Jones-inspahrd groove.


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