Sunday, March 01, 2015

Darrin Kobetich - "An Exercise in Revelry"

I recently had the pleasure of jamming with Darrin Kobetich, eclectic wizard of anything-with-strings, something we used to do all the time back in Wreck Room (RIP) daze. Darrin just recorded this album for the RPM Challenge, in which musos write and record an album during the month of February. His program note: "This is my western approach to music of the mid-east. For fun. I am not a scholar by any means. I just like to dabble in different styles. Music is just plain fun, regardless of what religions or cultures are attached. This recording is not for the purist. The instruments used are cumbus (pron: djoomboosh - Turkish word for revelry or fun), doumbek, djembe, tambourine, jingle bells, claves, violin, ocean drum, tile-cutting saw, bongos, toms, kick drum and floor tom, mandolin. Recorded in various locations (bathroom, studio, porch, sculpture) in Ft. Worth and Austin, TX."

darrinkobetich's player:


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