Saturday, January 03, 2015

Stuffs 'n' such

1) A few years ago, I lost a bet with my sister and had to eat a whole box of ice cream sandwiches, and provide photographic proof on Facebook. As it eventuated, the original 2009 "Facebook Gluttony Challenge" Quicktime vid was too grande for FB back then, so a buddy in upstate New York put it on his personal website long enough to serve as verification. Recently, we tried uploading it to FB again, only to be informed almost immediately that it had been removed for copyrighted material (e.g., the soundtrack -- "The Rock" from Quadrophenia). Since it is apparently OK to include such material on Youtube as long as it's attributed, Matt Hickey (bless him) uploaded it there, and I'm reposting it here so I'll be able to find it in another five years (assuming Blogger still exists then). So there.

2) While I'm posting stuff here so I won't forget it, here's "Early Warning" by Standing Waves, which I heard performed live once, while living in Austin for a minute in mid-1979, and remembered for 35+ years, specifically the line "We were born on the New Frontier" (which, back then, meant "We're young" -- kinda like the Police's "Born In the '50s" -- and now means "We're old"). I was reminded of this song last night when I heard Nervous Curtains frontman Sean Kirkpatrick deal with a heckler at the Live Oak who took umbrage at Sean's mention of the city from which his band hails, before the Curtains tore into a song that contained the line, "We come from the City of Hate / Now we live in a bloody red state." A moment that will live in my memory next to seeing Mike Haskins from the Nervebreakers having his guitar removed from his hands by a Fort Worth police officer that memorable night at Tootsie's in August '79 (right before I moved to Austin), and hearing Conor Oberst open Bright Eyes' set with a song about walking away from a fight the night before the U.S. invaded Iraq. But I digress...Ladies and gentlemen, "New Wave"-era Austin's finest, the Standing Waves!


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