Sunday, June 01, 2014

The Red 100's "Let Go Get Down"

Was talking to Joe Vano the other night about how the hipi blues will never die, then this arvo some new toonage from The Red 100's arrived like a candygram from the gods. Since I first heard 'em, I've always dug Raul Mercado's guitar style, which is blues-based, but not roots-reverential, as befits a cat in his 20s. But he really sings his ass off on this one, sounding at times like Mark Arm if he was channeling Son House instead of Iggy, at others like the Devil himself as personified by BOA's Jim Dandy. The multilayered guitar damage recalls the MC5's third album, only more cohesive and better recorded. These guys could give being a two-man band a good name.


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