Saturday, January 04, 2014

Brokegrove Lads

I asked for a musical project that would fit into my current schedule (which allows basically no time for being in a band) and for my sins, they gave me one. Brokegrove Lads is an improvisational psychedelic rock project with Terry Valderas (ESP, Gideons, Parasite Lost) on drums, Robert Kramer (ESP, Gumshoe, Tabula Rasa) on bass, and Matt Hickey (Fellow Americans, Joe and the Sonic Dirt From Madagascar, HIO) on guitar and vox. And, of course, your humble chronicler o' events on guitar.

Originally, this was supposed to be a Hawkwind/Pink Fairies tribute band (Ladbroke Grove is the area in London where the 'Wind, Fairies, Deviants, and later, the Clash germinated), with Hickey as stand-up singer. Instead, we elected to go into the studio and record a bunch of jams, which could be cut and pasted together like a Faust record. (Kind of like PFFFFT! without pissing off an actual audience.) We did the deed on Boxing Day, at Eagle Audio in Fort Worth, with the estimable Britt Robisheaux manning the desk. A five hour session yielded an hour and 20 minutes worth of music, of which I'd estimate about an hour's worth is usable. Now it's up to Hickey to write lyrics and add vocals to a couple of the pieces, and Terry to mix the tracks. I do believe that the results will be available via some digital outlet sooner than later.


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