Friday, December 13, 2013

My buddy Geoff from Philly gots a compilation album

Geoff Ginsberg from Philadelphia is one of my best friends on Earth, and knows good rock from bad. About 15 years ago, we bonded over our mutual obsession with the Stooges, Lou Reed, and Scott Morgan (the last of whom Geoff once managed, and some of whose best work was released on Geoff's now-dormant Real O Mind label). Geoff was instrumental in compiling Easy Action's Morgan box set Three Chords and A Cloud of Dust last year, and stepped up to provide liner notes for the box when I had to bow out due to unforeseen circumstances. (Thanks, pal!)

Now Easy Action is releasing Let Me Turn You On, a very limited edition (only 250 copies) of a Ginsberg-curated compilation. Geoff sequenced it to flow like a mixtape, and having enjoyed many of his compilation tapes and CDs over the years, I've been really looking forward to this. Lots of smoking guitars, clever lyrics, and thunderous forward motion on this disc. As is my custom with releases of this type, I'll provide three-word reviews of all 20 tracks -- 75 percent of which are exclusive to this release, and another three appear on CD for the first time here:

Cheetah Chrome w/Sweet Justice: Blazing garage surf.
The Original Sins: Pounding psychedelic Stooge-ism.
The 31st: Obscuro Aussie gem.
The Phantoms: Two hypnotic chords.
Grand Theft Auto: Tough chick rawk.
Pink Slip Daddy: Frug to this.
The Blue Chieftains: Berryesque trucker twang.
The Dictators w/Patti Rothberg: NYC brawd pop.
Steve Wynn @ Roscoe's: Smoother Crazy Horse.
Leadfinger: Nifty Saints homage.
Go To Blazes: Slapdash slash/rasp.
Mike Wilhelm w/Johnny Casino's Easy Action: Giant-voiced Charlatan.
The Windbreakers: A trifle bleak.
The Rockets: Detroit white soul.
Chris Masuak & The North 40 w/Scott Morgan: Dictators outtake, maybe?
Deniz Tek w/Scott Morgan's Powertrane: Iceman cometh home.
Sweet Justice: What arena's this?
The Friggs: Whiplash trash bash.
The Scientists: Wild-caught Salmon.
Iggy Pop & The Trolls: Whither the Stooges?


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