Saturday, August 03, 2013

Stuffs 'n' such


Rockaroll is become the music of mortality. Adios, Mick Farren, rock 'n' roll Renaissance man, who died with his boots on, fronting his band the Deviants, on Monday. Here's a remembrance by his friend, Charles Shaar Murray.


Ohio is the secret music capital of America, and 15-60-75 aka the Numbers Band might just be the finest Kent, Ohio, had (and still has, on occasion) to offer.


For a couple of months of Sunday nights at the end of 2002, I had the rare pleasure and privilege of playing second guitar in Lady Pearl Johnson's BTA Band. Not long after the New Year, I took a night off because I was on deadline for the Fort Worth Weekly. She passed the next day. RIP to a great lady.


As mentioned in the Living Colour post below, here's Corey Glover having church at the Kessler on "Amazing Grace" and "Open Letter To A Landlord." Video by Jeff Liles, as was the one that accompanied that other post.


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