Monday, March 04, 2013

Gutterth Compilation Four

The busy elves at Gutterth Productions gots a new compilation out on March 8th. Because it apparently amuses them to read my reviews (in which I attempt to encapsulate each and every track in just three words), label honcho Michael Briggs asked me to take a shot at it. How could I refuse? Difficulty: There are 55 tracks on this sucker. More work for me, more value for money for you. (It'd be interesting to see if I've ever repeated myself since I started doing this, but that'd be more effort than I'm willing to expend.) Here goes.

Eccotone - Fuzzball bolero apocalypse.
The Angelus - Sleepy buzz drone.
Hares On the Mountain - Gasoline Alley bound.
New Fumes - Droll psych whimsy.
Doug Burr - Haunted piano ballad.
Innards - Short sharp shriek.
Shiny Around the Edges - Skronky, pugnacious punk.
Terminator 2 - Lugubrious rumbling rant.
Summer of Glaciers - Incandescent dream pop.
Delmore Pilcrow - Meet Conor Fogerty.
Bad Design - But well executed.
David Liebe Hart Band - Clipped glam echo.
New Science Projects - Barroom inebriate declaims.
Bludded Head - Slow sludgy grind.
Morsza Records - Sad syncopated songster.
Botany - Celestial aether beat.
Glen Farris - Morose mountain music.
Square Business - Melodic bass dominates.
More States - Fiddle-de-doom.
Dust Congress - Seasick drankin' song.
Hate Your Friends - Muffled X simulacrum.
Pinkish Black - Throbbing discordant pounding.
Balmorea - Echolalic pulsing interlude.
Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers - Lapidary lysergic lilt.
Juve - Horror flick soundtrack.
Becoming... - Minimalist mandolin waltz.
Fishboy - Accordion folk punk.
Hawk vs Dove - Quaalude Thin Lizzy.
Peopleodeon - Poisoned children's music.
Daniel Francis Doyle - Backward Talking Heads.
Amo Joy - Cabaret rock spectacular.
Melting Season - Electronica with crickets!
Star Commander - Thunderous crashing angst.
Burntsienna Trio - Maynard Krebs repellant.
Def Rain - Icy futurist soundscape.
Ryan Thomas Becker & Last Joke - Gangling shambling man.
Ulnae - Fire depth charges.
Nervous Curtains - Somber synth pop.
Cerulean Giallo - Polyrhythmic feedback maelstrom.
Lord Buffalo - Lachrymose lycantrophic lament.
RTB2 - Texas vampire blues.
Datahowler - Computer app soul.
Special Guest - Frisky punk blast.
My Education - Spectral sing along.
Spooky Folk - DIY garage Motown.
Forever Home - Sad happy sounds.
Drink To Victory - Emo scream metal.
Sans Soleil - Hammer Films dirge.
Baruch the Scribe - Mutant insect pop.
Two Knights - Acrid soul spillage.
Diamond Age - Cascading electric balloons.
Secret Cakes - Is this Soundgarden?
Babar - Crimson meets Beefheart.
Satans of Soft Rock - Satans? Satin? Santana!
PD Wilder - Layered feedback drone.


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