Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stuffs 'n' such

Don't have the attention span to write this week. Just making a note of a few things.

1) Stuff I can't afford: Seven-disc Duane Allman box set coming on Rounder, compiled by his daughter. I may have to start collecting live ABB recordings with Duane. Also, Peter Frampton and Jerry Shirley are apparently preparing a "complete Rockin' the Fillmore" release.

2) Lately I've gotten in the habit of shopping for stuff that's available on Amazon for a penny. Just got Dylan's Modern Times that way, and am currently awaiting delivery of Love and Theft. Recently read a "jam review" that my pal Phil Overeem (aka Reverend Wayne Coomers) and his compadre "Dr. Filth" did back when it was new. Apparently lots of folks used that album to get through the days after 9/11 (coincidentally its release date), which seems a better idea than staying glued to the TV for two weeks like I did -- the media equivalent of mainlining all the negative emotions from that day. Nice to know Bob's done something of merit musically since Blood On the Tracks.

3) Listening to Dylan (the aforementioned Modern Times, Biograph, and Greatest Hits Volume II), conjunto (the Arhoolie soundtrack to Les Blank's documentaries Chulas Fronteras and Del Mero Corazon), and Humble Pie's Town and Country and trying to come up with something coherent to say about folk processes and music that soothes the soul.

4) Also reading Peter Guralnick's Sam Cooke bio and listening to Portrait of a Legend. Struck by the connection I perceive between the ex-gospel singer from Chicago and Charles Hardin Holley of Lubbock. Also, when one considers that Sam was chasing Harry Belafonte, Johnny Mathis, and Sammy Davis, Jr., the extent to which he truly was the primary influence on Rod Stewart really becomes evident. And there's less "gospel" mannerism in Sam's voice than any of his followers -- even with the Soul Stirrers. Phil recommends Arthur Kempton's Boogaloo and says Guralnick's Sweet Soul Music "is, without exaggeration, a religious experience in reading about music." Sounds good to me.

5) Having fun with the Wreck Room Stories Facebook page -- our way of emptying out the closets so we can say so long to those days before we get on with what's going on today and tomorrow.

6) Here are the details on the li'l Stoogeband's last hurrah.

March 1st at the Grotto:

6PM How's My Driving
7PM Travis Tripp Mathis
8PM Merkin
9PM Stoogeaphilia
10PM Prophets of RAGE
11PM Addnerim
12AM Year of the Bear
1AM Sally Majestic

$10 Cover with all proceeds going to Addison Gem Gree!
Tons of raffles and doors open at 3PM!!!
Come out and support this little girl and help us work towards finding a way to fight CLOVES syndrome stands for: Congenital, Lipomatous Overgrowth, Vascular malformations, Epidermal nevi, and Skeletal/Spinal/Scoliosis abnormalities. — at The Grotto.


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