Thursday, December 20, 2012

Phil Overeem on Natural Child

My pal Phil Overeem of Columbia, Missouri (where he once bought a pizza for me and Nathan Brown after yelling for Velvet Underground songs while we busked on the street) is retiring next year from teaching high school. From '99 to '04, he ran the First Church of Holy Rock and Roll website, for which I intermittently scribed. He put down his critic's pen the same year I started this blog, claiming he felt uninspahrd. (Myself, I think he was just too into what he was doing during the school day.) In any event, last year he was sufficiently stoked by seeing Natural Child -- a Nashville-based trio who sound like they have the correct spirit -- to write this piece for Sugarbuzz Magazine, which he just shared with me. Methinks he makes a good case. Would dig to see more of his scrawl out there, if he has time apres retirement.


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