Friday, November 02, 2012

Ben Trail's gravesite

I received an email this morning from Dock Burke, a friend of my TCJC writing mentor, B.D. Trail.

Stash Dauber,

I just read your thoughtful piece about Ben Trail in which you mention  you would like to visit his graveside:

I want to find out where he's buried, so that someday I can pay him a visit. I imagine that I'll leave him a package of cherry sours and some little aromatic cigars, and say to him (as he does to a deceased academic in "In Memoriam: Professor Maenchen-Helfen"), "Rest easy in your grave, for you rode with Attila."

Ben is buried in the Bryan City Cemetery in Bryan, Texas in the Marburger Family plot which includes his maternal grandparents, his mother, and an aunt.

I am attaching a photo of his marker.


Dock Burke


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