Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11.28.2012, FTW

Writer's block is active. Today I sent something to the widowmaker that I'd been working on for a week. I'm feeling uninspired, and absent any challenges from mad Aussies, I'm likely to remain this way for awhile. Some days are diamonds, some are dogshit. Tomorrow's another one.

Practicing guitar, laying the groundwork for a possible intermittent/low-time-commitment music project. Planning to sit in with HIO at the Cellar in December if they haven't lost the gig. I heard that Hickey and Kitchens mixed it up with two of the Mora Collective boys last week and got along really well. I'm also planning to be a participant in the recording of HIO Live In Babyland, using all acoustic or battery powered instruments and the crappy mics and speakers from a baby room monitor. Film, as they say, at 11.

New rules for crate digging: 1) Pay no more than $15 for an LP/$25 for a 2LP, and 2) If you already have it on CD or download, you don't need it. The upcoming year will be one of austerity at mi casa.

I ignored the outgoing Dallas Observer music editor's call for a year end top 10 because I'd already pubbed a very premature one here, submitted one to the I-94 Bar, and will probably get polled by the Village Voice again this year (unless I don't). Fun's fun, but there are limits.

Just for shits 'n' giggles, here are the ten records I currently want to hear the most -- alphabetically, because that's how Shreevie I am. (I'm trying to promote the use of "Shreevie," for the Daniel Stern character in Diner, as an adjective. "Petraeus," too.) All of them are ancient, of course.

1) Jeff Beck Group
2) Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
3) Jimi Hendrix - First Rays of the New Rising Sun
4) Phil Manzanera - 801 Live
5) Move - Shazam!
6) Pretty Things - S.F. Sorrow
7) Rolling Stones - Exile On Main St. (Even still!)
8) Bunny Wailer - Blackheart Man
9) Neil Young - Decade
10) Frank Zappa - Roxy and Elsewhere

Today I watched the '73 Hendrix biopic on DVD as a belated 70th birthday celebration and tried to follow it with the Stooges' Live In the Hands of the Fans, which besides having shitty production values, caused me to realize that six years of playing in Stoogeaphilia has robbed me of my enjoyment of that music. Now, in my head, it's "material." Wha-wha. Be careful what you ask for.

Learned via the wonders of social networking that the new "super deluxe" Velvet Underground and Nico includes the '66 Valleydale Ballroom bootleg that I covet. One hopes that as they continue milking it, Universal will see fit to release Valleydale as a standalone, kind of like they recently did with, um, Live At Hull.

Also, lit Brit/rockaroll Renaissance man Mick Farren has just pubbed his collected works. I must find a way to lay hands on this.


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