Monday, October 15, 2012

We're listing

My Dallas Observer editor, who is knowledgeable of such things, informs me that folks on the intarweb like to read lists. So, when I don't have anything substantial to write about, I shall endeavor to publish lists of whatever I can think of at the moment. Today, it's just what I'm listening to this week.

1) Symarip - Skinhead Moonstomp Deluxe Edition (2CD). Great '70s Brit ska. (Thanks, Hickey!)
2) Pete Townshend - Music from Lifehouse (DVD). I've learned to use DVDs a la Ray Liberio, i.e., as background noise while I'm doing stuff around the house.
3) Don Preston Akashic Ensemble - The Inner Realities of Evolution (CD). Composed and improvised experimental music from the ex-Mother/current Grandmother of Invention.
4) Beach Boys - Smile Sessions (2LP). Someday I shall own Pet Sounds, the first record I always play in whatever new space I'm inhabiting, on vinyl. Until then, when I want to hear Brian Wilson, this is what I reach for.
5) Bunny Wailer - Blackheart Man (LP). Is there a better quiet time chill out record than thisun? I think not.
6) Arvo Part - Litany (CD). Except maybe this.
7) Faust - Faust/So Far (CD). In a Krautrock frame of mind, I'll go for this or Can's Tago Mago.
8) Pete Townshend - Cool Walking.... "Buy this and throw everything else away" best-of compilation. Contains every moment I treasure from all those albums I bought in the '80s-'90s and then wondered why.

Bonus! Favorite Pete Townshend songs of the moment, or proof positive (as if any more were needed) that I'm going soft in the head in my old age. I don't own all of these anymore, but they're etched in my synapses.

1) "Sunrise" (The Who Sell Out). Matt Hickey has a recording of me singing and playing this (badly) that now will never see the light of day.
2) "Blue Red and Grey" (The Who By Numbers).
3) "Tattoo" (The Who Sell Out).
4) "Real Good Looking Boy." I have no idea what record this is on, if any, but it's in the Amazing Journey DVD and it's pretty neat. It's about Elvis Presley.
5) "Sleeping Dog." Bonus track on the Rykodisc CD of Who Came First. If I had an acoustic guitar, I'd learn this to sing to my grandson.
6) "I'm One" (Quadrophenia). I so related to this when I was 15.
7) "A Litte Is Enough" (Empty Glass).


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