Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Stoogeaphilia recordings online

The li'l Stoogeband's obsessive documentarian, Matt Hembree, just uploaded a couple of Stooge shows from his extensive backlog to his Stoogeaphilia archive: 3.13.2011 from the Doublewide in Big D, and 4.21.2012 from Doc's Records here in the Fort. We have a pair of two-set, no-cover extravaganzas on the books: 6.20.2012 at Lola's (our sixth anniversary as the world's longest-lived one-show band, and an early celebration of my "double nickels on the dime" berfday) and 7.28.2012 at the Cellar (for Billy Wilson, who used to book our "I Wanna Be Your (Black) Dog Thursdays" at the late, lamented Black Dog Tavern). After that, we're going to take some time off to give Jon Teague time to tour with Pinkish Black, and for all of us to work on a Secret Project. Yeah!


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