Saturday, June 23, 2012

My favorite Stoogeshows

1) Wreck Room, 4.19.2006: Getting to see Matt Hembree go absolutely apeshit onstage for the first time.

2) Black Dog Tavern, 5.18.2006: Sweating into my eyes.

3) Rose Marine Theater plaza, 5.28.2006: There were apparently three or four noise complaints, but because of the way the sound reverberated, the police couldn't figure out where the infernal racket was coming from. Clay Stinnett could, however. Best part: watching four or five little boys from the neighborhood standing up against the wall, trying to figure out what this shit was.

4) Wreck Room, 6.28.2007: My 50th berfday. My sweetie brought a cake and balloons. We played "Marquee Moon" -- our most popular song for exactly a year -- for the first time.

5) Fred's Cafe, 5.4.2008: Watching William Bryan Massey III, his sons and their friends watching us.

6) Chat Room, 6.28.2008: Sir Steffin's "retirement." Richard Hurley, his replacement-elect, presented Steffin with his "Champeen Guitar Strangler" trophy. This might or might not have been the time we had a Perrotti's pizza delivered to the stage.

7) Lola's 6th, 8.31.2008: Paul Metzger, who'd been playing the Sunday jazz gig for years and years, forgot his guitar, so after we were done, I let him borrow my blood-spattered Telecaster.

 8) Lola's Stockyards, 11.14.2008: The Dangits made us work our asses off.

9) Tradewinds Social Club (Oak Cliff), 5.15.2010: Like playing in somebody's living room, with Daron Beck and Dave Coates opening and Wanz Dover playing sax on "1970" and "Funhouse."

10) 7th Haven, 6.27.2010: We played the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards showcase. Jon Teague made the greatest entrance of all ti-i-ime, and the guy who was helping the soundguy fell asleep in a chair to my immediate right in the middle of our set. We must not have been loud enough.

11) Sunshine Bar (Arlington), 2.19.2011: We like the Shine real much.

12) Basement Bar, 8.27.2011: We made the best payout of our "career." Thank you, Facebook.

13) Cowtown Bowling Palace, 1.14.2012: All of us sick as dogs, two of River Oaks' finest looking on, and I had the worst skull-splitting headache I've ever had on stage throughout the second set. In spite of all that, I think we were collectively in better spirits at the end of the night than I've ever seen the li'l Stoogeband after a show.

14) Sunshine Bar (Arlington), 5.26.2012: Wild//Tribe made us work our asses off.

15) Lola's, 6.20.2012: Our sixth anniversary (two months late) and my 55th berfday (a week early). We played two sets like we used to at the Black Dog, and I celebrated by blowing up my amp (again).

16) The next one. Always the next one...


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