Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Dennis Gonzalez/Yells At Eels' "Wind Streaks in Syrtis Major"

The resurgence of vinyl having spread to the jazz avant-garde, you can now dig prolific Oak Cliff-based trumpeter Dennis Gonzalez and the band with his hardcore-rooted sons that he's fronted for 13 years on this ten-minute track that fits nicely on two sides of pristine white 7-inch vinyl. Recorded for Polish radio last November and released by local 7-inch-centric indie Treefallsounds, it's a concise distillation of Yells At Eels' strengths, featuring a roiling riddim section of Aaron Gonzalez and Wojtek Mazolewski's basses and Stefan Gonzalez's Elvin-esque trap-kicking and "orgullo primitivo" percussives, with horn polyphony reminiscent of Ornette circa Shape of Jazz To Come riding on top (Dennis plus fiery tenorman Marek Pospieszalski). Things percolate like Trane's Meditations, and Dennis even vocalizes for a moment before returning to the tune's head. A genuine auditory exorcism. The digital download comes with a succinct but potent snippet from another piece. Cop via the label, or directly from the artist.


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