Monday, February 27, 2012

2.26.2012, FTW

The second HIO "Improvised Silence" show at the Cellar wound up taking place with a different lineup than advertised/anticipated. Sarah Alexander and Julie McKendrick had to back out because Julie was out of town. Hopefully they'll join us later in the spring. Darrin Kobetich's wife was under the weather, so he had to bail. Giri Akkaraju did show up, however, and we were also joined by sound artist Harry Hoggard and poet Wes Race.

Riyad Almasri, who runs the Cellar's Monday night open mic and plays keys with cowpunks Badcreek, recorded both sets, so hopefully there'll be something posted online soon (unlike last month). Hickey found the room sound muddy, but I think the balance was better overall, with him and Terry more clearly audible.

I didn't get to play as much percussion as last time, but I did finally get to hear Terry on bass during one of my favorite episodes of the evening, when we locked into a sort of mutant doom-blues groove with Kitchens on traps and me on slide in D-A-D-E-B-E tuning. Kitchens' three-string CBG sounded great through some F/X, and Harry blew harp and played keyboard sax behind Wes' cryptic hipster spiel. I also got a couple of little blue lights that strap on your finger from Harry, which probably make the video look pretty interesting.

Next month, we'll be joined by JoCo (Jonathan O'Connor and Chris Hardee).

ADDENDUM: Duh, JoCo is in April. This month, the guest artist is Darryl Wood (Panic Basket, Confusatron, Parasite Lost).


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