Thursday, January 05, 2012

St. Vincent

I can't remember the last time a guitarist knocked me for a loop the way Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, has. Frank Cervantez, whose opinion I trust in all things guitaristic, pulled my coat, then through the wonder of social networking, I got turned on to a _lethal_ version of a song from my favorite Beatle album (courtesy of my Stoogeband singer's girlfriend), as well as covers of songs by Big Black and the Pop Group with which I'm unfamiliar. She plays the fire out of a guitar that looks a whole lot like my beloved Silvertone 1478 from high school.

Who is she? Born in Oklahoma, grew up in Dallas, roadied for jazz duo Tuck & Patti (he's her uncle) as a teen, went to Berklee, dropped out, went back home and joined the Polyphonic Spree, then toured with singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens before releasing her first album in 2007. Looks like I'm gonna have to hunt down a copy of her latest album Strange Mercy, which 4AD released in September.


Blogger AJM-34 said...

Her tone sounds a little (read: a lot, actually) like Steve Howe's circa Fragile (1971). Not that that's a bad thing. Just sayin'.

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