Friday, November 11, 2011

Robbie D. Love's "Love Vibrations"

Ebullient ultra-extrovert Robbie D. Love's band, The Red 100's, have gotta be 1) the most exciting new band I've beheld since, I dunno, The Mooney Suzuki; 2) the gigging-est mofos in the Fort, and they're from Dallas, for goodness sake; and 3) playing at Lola's tonight, so my sweetie 'n' I are gonna celebrate 11.11.11 by catching their set so she can take pics of 'em on a stage Andre Edmonson dressed.

Listening now to Robbie's solo debut Love Vibrations. Basically all the songs are just excuses for him to blow lead over simple acoustic guitar and percussion backing. He played all the instruments, too, except for a guest appearance by his Red 100's bandmate Raul Mercado on one track. Robbie D. sings, um, like a guitar player; his audible influences range from Funkadelic to My Bloody Valentine to the Velvet Underground.

To these feedback-scorched ears, it's just nice to hear a young cat that's so clearly in love with the feelthy sound of distorted electric guitars. The Red 100's are getting ready to take some downtime to write and record some more. I'll be anxious to hear what else these brash brats have up their collective sleeve.

ADDENDUM: I think "Midnight Tide," wherein the dirty lead/clean backing equation gets inverted, is my fave track here.


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