Monday, October 17, 2011

The Systems of Stereophonic Transmissions

At the Prophet Bar in Dallas on Thursday, 11.20.2011:

The Symptoms of Stereophonic Transmissions is a two-piece all-instrumental collective consisting of Francisco Cruz (electric guitar, electric piano) and Jose Torres (drums). Our sound is a self-expressive mixture of many different styles of music, with emphasis on break beats, avant-garde jazz, free jazz and free improvisation over complex drum and bass rhythms. Our music is loud, noisy, abstract, artistic and dense. We use a wide array of effects pedals, looping pedals, samplers and electronics in conjunction with an assortment of homemade instruments to create an innovative sound that is both undeniably individual and original. We also implement varying dynamics, tonal textures, time signatures and extended improvisation within the context of unconventional song structures.


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