Saturday, October 01, 2011

HIO - "The Hannah Montana Remix Album"

Jonathan O'Connor of Drift Era/JoCo fame -- one of the two people who bought HIO's Sustrepo from Doc's -- asked me about this, so I'm reposting the link in case anybody else is interested.

The Hannah Montana Remix Album was recorded on T. Horn's phone at my house. It's sort of our "blues album," as the first three tracks have a lot of me dinking around on an open-tuned guitar in the manner of the Trout Mask Replica "house sessions." (If you've ever wondered what the front door to my house sounds like when it slams, you won't want to miss this.)

There's a long droning modal section with a lot more fingerstyle guitar improv from me and Hickey playing slide and percussion on a cigarbox guitar. (We were trying to wean him off his electric gopichand, fools that we were.) Then there's a bit that sounds like a demented cuckoo clock. It all culminates in an episode where Hickey and I play toy Hannah Montana guitars in pretty much the same way as we play regular guitars. A must for fans of ultra-low fidelity and droning monotony.


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