Sunday, October 30, 2011

8.30.2011, FTW

1) The Italian kid reports that Doc's Records and Vintage is moving to the Wild West Side (9522 Camp Bowie West, to be exact), closing up next weekend and reopening in early December. It'll be a bigger location, it's only a seven minute drive from the current location, yadda yadda. But it's also too far for me to walk from my house, and on my days off next week, I'll be going to Jo Kelly School to hear Mark Growden and Eric McFadden doing a special performance one day, recording and rehearsing with HIO and Home Made Dance Project in Denton the other, so today will be my last chance to walk home from Doc's with a rekkid in my hand. Plus Jenkins posted on his Facebook page that he has the entahr Tom Waits catalog in new arrivals. Hope they're still there when he opens today.

ADDENDUM: They _are_ building an indoor stage at the new location, which perhaps bodes well for future "Cavalcade of Unpopular Music" giggage.

2) Speaking of Growden and McFadden, they'll bring their duo tour to fonky Fred's on Friday, 11.4, starting at 7pm. There's no cover; you'd be a fool to miss this.

3) The Italian kid also reports that Moustache Brothers, a charity group run by Josh Pivin, who works with my daughter in the deli at Central Market, is hosting some events in the Curmudgeon Zone to benefit M.D. Anderson Center's prostate cancer research. It's a-happening at the Wild Rooster on Tuesday, 11.8, and at the Grotto, Lola's, and Poag Mahone's on Sunday, 11.20. Details in the first link above. Please consider helping 'em out, why doncha?

4) Finally, the Fort Worth Weekly's cover story this week is a profile by Steve Steward of the magical Ash Adams, who was recently installed as president of the Fort Worth Magicians Club. Good onya, magical Ash!


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