Saturday, October 08, 2011

10.7.2011, FTW

First "Cavalcade of Unpopular Musics" show at Doc's Records and Vintage. HIO played first to practically no one, but by the time Underground Railroad was ready to hit a little before 8pm, I counted 18 people there who weren't in bands, and there'd been a couple of folks who drifted in and out earlier. So much for my theory that if, for example, 27 people on a Facebook event page say they're going to show up (as they did for thisun, adjusted to remove band members), then nine will actually show up, and they'll be different from the ones who said they'd be coming.

Terry forgot the input connection for his computer, so he played his first-ever HIO show with no F/X. At my request, Darryl Wood played a spoken word recording over his PA during the first part of our performance. We borrowed a table from Doc's and had a full array of cigarbox guitars, plus electric kalimba, recorders and percussion implements, and another cigarbox guitar that Hickey ran through his synth. Terry sprung for pizzas for the crowd and musos, and I found two Don Cherry albums I'd been wanting, so we both lost money on the gig.

Darrin Kobetich chimed in on a jaw harp app and followed us with a set of solo acoustic guitar wizardry. Of all the music I heard that evening, Darrin's opening song "Primordial Soup" resonates in my mind the most. The middle part of the show was really a showcase for his multifaceted improvisational acumen (interrupted only by an interval where Bill Pohl's former guitar student Haley Taylor got up to perform a nice version of Bert Jansch's "Black Waterside" and an original vocal piece).

Terry and I agreed that The Panic Basket took the show with their combination of electric and acoustic instruments (including a 12-string, banjo-like instrument that Darrin has probably told me the name of but I forgot) with found sounds and samples. Bill elected not to play with Strung Drawn & Quartered, so Darrin soloed at length on electric and acoustic guitars over beds of atmospheric effects that Kavin Allenson conjured from his Telecaster and array of devices.

Unfortunately, I had to split before the Railroad played. Between running, working in the yard, and spending four hours outside at Doc's, I'd evidently breathed in a lot of ragweed, and my sinuses protested by inducing a 15-minute sneezing fit that sent me hoofing it back to mi casa for a shower. A disappointment, as I was looking forward to hearing the Railroad's new material, some of which features Bill playing onstage keyboards alongside Kurt's sequenced keyboard parts. Another time.

Everyone involved seemed satisfied with the event, and HIO plans to do another Cavalcade at Doc's once they move to their new location, with Drift Era (members of which were in Friday's audience), Spacebeach, the Fungi Girls, and Year of the Bear. Also in the audience were Ralph White and Justin Robertson, enroute to Ralph's gig later that evening in (I believe) Denton. Ralph will be back in DFW in November and we talked among ourselves about the possibility of doing something with him, Darrin, and maybe the Big Rig Dance Collective down the road. All I ever need is something to look forward to.


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