Saturday, October 15, 2011

10.14.2011, FTW

Played our friends Jamie and Linda's birthday party at Lola's with the li'l Stoogeband. Lately, Lola's is seeming more and more like the old Wreck Room -- a plus in my book. Last night Carey Wolff was tending bar; he said the next Woodeye reunion show will be there 11.19, so must remember to save the date. Our gig was originally booked at the Wild Rooster, but apparently they don't like loud bands, which is fine. Lola's always seems like home, more so now.

The Red 100's are the most exciting band I've seen since the first time we played with the Dangits back in 2009. It's trippy seeing kids that were born in the '90s who have absorbed so much of what made rock great back in the '70s. They play a brand of Rawk that's infused with both blues grit (nominated for a "Best Blues Act" award by the Dallas Observer) and punk energy. I'd seen video of them online, but nothing that prepared me for their live assault.

Raul Mercado and Robbie D. Love are all over the stage like they were the Clash or something. Raul has _every pedal Boss ever made_ lined up onstage in front of him (no pedalboards for these boys) and shreds on his axe like SRV, but raw and not blatantly imitative of anybody. Robbie switches between bass and guitar, says "and shit" more than anybody this side of Dan McGraw, and likes climbing on/jumping off things (amp, kick drum) more than any muso I've seen since Chet Weise of the Immortal Lee County Killers. Robbie splits vox with Kyle Scheumack, who gives the lie to the truism that singing drummers suck. They're all monsters, and we had to work our asses off to follow 'em.

Since we started late (the Red 100's hit about half an hour after they were scheduled to), the li'l Stoogeband played an abbreviated set that was light on actual Stooges music, heavy on Cleveland action (Rocket From the Tombs, Dead Boys, Pere Ubu), with two Dicks songs in the mix. Nobody complained. Branden Smith's SG sung real sweet. While ops checking my rig at home, I made the mistake of side-by-siding it with Frum's Epiphone, and now I really want a guitar I can't afford.

Afterward, we unassed in a hurry, before STEW! had even set up. I hope we got paid. We'll be back at Lola's on 11.27 (the Sunday after Thanksgiving) with the Queers and a cast of thousands.


Anonymous Matt said...

fyi STEW ended up putting on a heckuva show. Nice and tight, polished but not too shiny, excellent harmonies. Lotta sweet sound for 3 guys and a tiny little drum kit :-)

2:48 PM  

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