Thursday, October 13, 2011

10.12.2011, FTW

Went to the big rock show at Lola's: Supersuckers/Me-Thinks/Dangits. I needed to go, if for no other reason than to return Branden Smith's SG, but neglected to get tickets until the last minute, when I heard it was sold out. Luckily, Sir Marlin Von Bungy (bless him) called and said he had a ticket in my name at the door, which he'd bought before he knew he was playing the show.

Got there 20 minutes into the Dangits' set. Wish I'd known they were starting at 9pm -- probably a good idea for a Wednesday night show, when almost everybody in attendance was thinking about having to go to work or take kids to school in the morning. (The rockaroll audience in this town is getting older.) Mike Noyes and the boys were on fire with fierce energy and tore through their set with scarcely a moment to breathe between songs. Their cover of Deep Purple's "Highway Star" (which Mike sung by audience request in the manner of B-52 Fred Schneider, "which can turn into Jello Biafra very easily") has become a set highlight.

The Me-Thinks' set was a good opportunity to watch Jon Simpson drum, since he was set up closer to the front than usual (the Supersuckers' gear was backlined) and there was less smoke than usual from the Me-Thinks' smoke machine. (Now the time Marlin's son Marlon ran the machine -- that was a smoky night.) Their new material is heavier than the carryovers from the Will Risinger days, but "Burnout Timeline" was still probably the high point for me, and "God Bless Haltom City" was conspicuous by its absence. The large audience was surprisingly sedate, saving their enthusiasm for the Supersuckers, I suppose.

The Supersuckers were very slick and pro. After their first two songs, Eddie Spaghetti said, "Now it's time to get this thing started," and proceeded to introduce his band as "the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world." The crowd went nuts and stayed there for the duration of the set. I walked outside, where I'd run my tab with Elvis to facilitate both getting drinks and tabbing out, to talk to Dre Edmonson and Justin Robertson. It was nice seeing so many old friends from the Wreck Room daze -- as Steve Senich said, "A lot of family here tonight." It was over by around midnight, but I unassed early and walked home with Branden's SG, since he told me I could borrow it for the Stoogeshow this Friday (also at Lola's). A good night.


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