Friday, September 30, 2011

Spacebeach's "The Dead Sea EP"

What is it with North Texas teens and surf music? First you've got the Fungi Girls out of Burleson, purveying a mix of garage-rock and surf sounds, and now Grapevine's own Spacebeach, fronted by one Torry Finley, a charismatic young mofo if ever I've seen one, weighs in with a five-song EP, produced by Britt Robisheaux of Theater Fire fame, and damned if it doesn't sound for all the world like Kurt Cobain fronting the Melvins...or maybe the Trashmen. Seems these brats have twigged that the distance between The Year Punk Broke and the golden age of Cali teen snot ain't that far when you've got a fuzzbox, an Echoplex, an ocean of reverb and a heart full of teen angst. Release party's set for October 30th at 1919 Hemphill with the aforementioned Jealousy Mountain Duo. Sounds like one not to miss.


Anonymous sean said...

Don't forget, it's being released by Dallas' Pour le Corps label on cassette. Pour le Corps is a label created by the members of eyes, wings and many other things...

10:44 AM  

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