Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Painted Ship

Head Fungi Girl Skylar Salinas pulled my coat to The Painted Ship, a '60s garage outfit from Vancouver, British Columbia, of all places. Frontguy Bill "The Captain" Hay was a veritable '60s chameleon, eliciting Jim Morrison comparisons from one scribe, looking more than a little like Roky Erickson in a photo, and sounding a helluva lot like J. Osterberg on the Ship's finest moment, the B-side "And She Said Yes."


Blogger William Hay said...

ha! thanks for the kind words ( I think) . join me on my Facebook page:williamhay( look for the wolf) we have fun there. European friends also opened this on Facebook:The Painted Ship. original songs, covers, posters etc.
be well
Will--vocalist-writer The Painted Ship

10:16 PM  

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