Sunday, September 18, 2011

HIO on The Violitionist Sessions

Back in April, HIO went up to Denton to record three lengthy extemporizations in the home studio of Gutterth Productions honcho Michael Briggs, who makes a mean cup of coffee and has a very nice cat and birds, the latter of whom make a guest appearance on one of the tracks. (Look at the titles and guess which one.)

Afterward, we adjourned to Hooligans Pub on the courthouse square for drinkie-talkie, and encountered Big Rig Dance Collective for the first time. All in all, an auspicious day for HIO -- maybe the most since we recorded for Jeff Liles in the Green Room at the Kessler.

You can view partial vid of two of the pieces and stream or download audio of all three, complete, from the Violitionist Sessions site here.


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