Friday, September 02, 2011

9.2.2011, FTW

Another day of Velvet madness: In between running, compost, laundry, waiting for an alarm guy, reading Stephen Prince's The Warrior's Camera: The Cinema of Akira Kurosawa, and, um, napping, I've been listening to yet another VU bootleg I downloaded today from back in the Cale-and-Nico era (1966 in Columbus, Ohio, to be exact), that includes "Melody Laughter" and "The Nothing Song," two more 30-minute thump-and-drone fests, but even more tribal and minimalist than the '68-'69 jams I've been digging. Bliss! How'd I ever live without this stuff?

Dining tonight at Tokyo Cafe with HIO and the creators of Home Made Dance Project, Amanda Jackson and Whitney Boomer, who also dance with Big Rig Dance Collective. They've invited us to perform with them in Denton on December 8th, so we'll be hammering out the brass tacks.

Speaking of HIO and the future, even though the first Cavalcade of Unpopular Musics show is still weeks away (October 7th), Jenkins from Doc's Records has agreed to a second one at a date TBD with HIO, Drift Era, Spacebeach, Fungi Girls, and new psych band (with ex-Lift To Experience muso) Year of the Bear. Hoooray!


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