Monday, August 08, 2011

8.7.2011, Denton/FTW

The merry lads of HIO traipsed up to Denton to rehearse with Sarah Gamblin for next weekend's three-night stand at the Houston Fringe Festival. (I'm taking a notebook and will blog some blather when we're back.)

Things we like about Denton:

1) Recycled Books.
2) The modern dance scene centered around TWU.
3) Hooligan's Pub.
4) Observing people in the courthouse square. Yesterday we saw a bunch of kids pelting each other with water balloons. This time, however, Terry did _not_ reach out on Facebook to find folks to do a water-balloon-pelting flashmob at an HIO show.

Trying to put together another show at Doc's Records in the fall with The Underground Railroad, The Panic Basket, Strung Drawn & Quartered, and Darrin Kobetich solo. Film, as they say, at 11.


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