Saturday, July 16, 2011

7.16.2011, FTW

Amazing how many people I dig were born within a week of each other. Today is my oldest daughter's berfday, and Transistor Tramps/Stoogeaphilia axe-slinger 'n' new papa Richard Hurley's. Monday is scribe/spoken word artist/Kessler Theater talent booker Jeff Liles', and Tuesday is my sweetie's. Must be something in the water.

Bands I mean to check out: Badcreek, Foat Wuth country-rockers including Linc Campbell (ex-Mockingbird Cartel, ex-Suiciety) and Bob Nash (Raging Boner), and The Baltic Sea, the rock project of guitarist Ray Suhy, whose work on Allen Lowe's Blues and the Empirical Truth knocked my socks off.


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