Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pssst! Hey, kid! Wanna see video of my bands?

Here's T. Horn's vid of last Friday's Yogurt Fusion extravaganza, which featured HIO accompanying Denton's Big Rig Dance Collective on their home turf. In spite of Terry having chosen the ultimate wrong camera angle, it's a document of our part of the collaboration, at least, and the dancers say they have some vid of the performance, too. This Saturday at 6pm, they'll return the favor by joining us at Landers Machineshop for the Arts Goggle event.

Also, Lisa Blackmon's vid of the li'l Stoogeband playing at Lolaspalooza on Sunday night is here. Watch it and you might get an idea of why this is my favorite band that I've ever played in. (You may need to be a Facebook victim to see it.) Not shown in the vid: How Hembree managed to trash his long-suffering black Fender bass and in the coveted Stoogeaphilia Equipment Destruction Award, previously held by your humble chronicler o' events for beating the living hell out of a Peavey Classic 50 at the Chat Room. It'll be interesting to see what he does for a bass when the li'l Stoogeband performs at Landers at 10pm the same night at HIO. (He's also playing with Goodwin at Avoca Coffee at, I believe, 6:30pm.) Film, as they say, at 11.


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