Monday, May 09, 2011

5.8.2011, FTW

Ate a hearty breakfast, ran, dumped compost/greywater, cut the grass, talked to my mom on the phone, emptied the trash and la caja de los gatos, showered, then my sweetie made Brazilian chicken with coconut milk for din-din. Due to a noise complaint, the li'l Stoogeband wound up playing inside Lola's at 10:30pm-ish rather than outside at 9pm, after Brandin Lea (who appeared with a pickup band of young Berry Street dudes and Tone Sommer, whom I first encountered when he was playing with Robert Ealey in the '90s), Sally Majestic, and Rivercrest Yacht Club and before Spoonfed Tribe. We killed. We always do. I don't know why. Only downside was that my sweetie had to leave before we hit. Teague had a pizza in his van and Hembree gave me a ride home. Just about perfect.


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