Friday, May 06, 2011

5.6.2011, FTW/Denton

1) I found a tab for a Who song called "Sunrise" (from The Who Sell Out) that I decided to learn after seeing the extra shit from their 2000 Royal Albert Hall DVD and discovering that Townshend wanted to play it with Paul Weller but the ex-Jam man demurred (too many jazz chords, I'm guessing). The tab actually looks reasonable, unlike a lot that I've seen that look like they were transcribed by people that don't know many chords or have very good ear training. There's still some bullshit (the guitar is _not_ tuned down a whole step), but it's serviceable enough for me to use and easier than Captain Beefheart's "Peon," which I asked Ron Geida to transcribe for me a decade or so ago and which I've been struggling with ever since (speaking of not having good ear training -- or is it memory?). Hope to play this with my eldest daughter, who sings beautifully, next time we get together.

2) Played an HIO show tonight at Yogurt Fusion in Denton with Big Rig Dance Collective. My middle daughter brought her baby up to see us, so I made sure we regulated our volumes, which is no sacrifice, as we seem to do our best playing at low-to-moderate volume. (Something about it being easier to hear each other that way, methinks.) Having the added visual element to respond to kept us from running out of ideas and Terry ran video, which he'll hopefully have online sooner than later. We want to do more performances like this, and like a candygram from the gods, Big Rig will be joining us next Saturday (5.14.2011) at Landers Machine Shop for the Arts Goggle thingy there. We hit at 6pm.

3) Also on the card that night, albeit a bit later (10pm), is the li'l Stoogeband. Before then, the Stoogeband will also be playing at Lolaspalooza this Sunday night (5.8.2011) at 9pm, outside. It's a four-day event this year, with lotsa cool bands that we know, but as I am old and tired, I've elected to sit out all the other nights besides the one we're playing. Probably my loss, but you've gotta pace yourself.


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