Saturday, May 07, 2011

5.6.2011, Denton ADDENDA

1) It took Terry and me an hour longer than planned to get out of Fort Worth. Hickey called from Hooligan's just as we were clearing the city limits. Then, after dinner and abbreviated crate-digging at Recycled, we drove around for half an hour looking for a parking spot when we were originally parked closer to the spot than where we wound up parking. Reminder: Must do a better job on geographic location homework.

2) Aimee brought Mad Flo, accompanied by her friend Iris. She said that Mad Flo was singing along from her carrier, then kind of lost interest when the Big Rig dancers went to the floor, so she took her out and held her up where she could observe the rest of the performance. Terry said that Mad Flo threw something at him, which is pretty amazing for a four-month-old. I told him she was just trying to participate.

3) The advertised yogurt eating contest between HIO and Big Rig never took place. Maybe next time.


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