Saturday, May 28, 2011

5.27.2011, FTW

1) The FW Opera's production of The Mikado was surprising and fun, with contemporary Tokyo-styled lighting, lots of Japanese pop culture references, Nanki-Poo and the three wards costumed like anime characters, choruses of salarymen on cellphones and schoolgirls in school uniforms with Hello Kitty backpacks, and the Mikado and Katisha riding in on Segways. Plus a few up-to-date and Fort Worth-centric rewrites to the libretto. Still one more performance, next Saturday 6.4.2011. You owe it to yourself.

2) Next Stooge prac is 6.20 unless Elle and Richard's baby comes earlier. We had to pull out of the FW Weekly music awards showcase, but should be back in action by late August. I'm currently trying to book dates at the Basement Bar for Matturday in September and the Wild Rooster for Jamie and Linda's birthday in October. Film, as they say, at 11.

3) Only slightly less difficult to book, HIO is playing at Doc's Records on 7.30.2011 with Darrin Kobetich, the Panic Basket, and possibly some of the Big Rig Dance Collective dancers. We'll be in Denton with the Big Rig folks on 8.19.2011. We also may be accompanying Big Rig's Sarah Gamblin at the Houston Fringe Festival, which runs 8.12-14.2011. And we might perform with the dancers at Yogurt Fusion in Denton in June, if they have a date. I asked for a show and for my sins, they gave me several.


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