Friday, April 15, 2011

Gutterth Compilation Three

I recently read a reference to a local musician’s being a “scene captain.” While inappropriate military or sports metaphors are odious, in the case of Gutterth Productions honcho Michael Briggs, the shoe seems to fit. Surely no one goes to more local shows than Briggs, and he and his pal Brent Frishman (a “scene lieutenant?”) have now presented 48 live showcases, with Episode XLIX scheduled for April 16 at Rubber Gloves in Denton.

Possessed of big ears is this Denton duo, with tastes ranging from harsh noise to garage punk to weird folk. Want proof? Simply download the third volume of their ongoing series of free compilations. (It’s available online at

In the past, I’ve amused myself (and them, apparently) by penning three-word descriptions of each of the tracks on their previous volumes, since it’s a fool’s errand to try and succinctly sum up 38 tracks as diverse as these are. I see no reason to do otherwise now.

Ryan Thomas Becker – Bolan plus Frippertronics.

Drink To Victory – Pensive, then splenetic.

Nervous Curtains – Sinister piano ballad.

History At Our Disposal – Incandescent psychedelic pop.

New Science Projects – Overwrought alienation rant.

Dear Human – Beefheart or Rush?

Sunnybrook – Chugging echolalic chorale.

The Heartstring Stranglers – Is Conor there?

Melting Season – Gentle lysergic pastorale.

Glen Farris – Haunting Appalachian lament.

Sans Soleil – Epic imaginary soundtrack.

The Timeline Post – Lower Mars Voltage.

Power Animal – Synths! 1980, again?

Two Nights – Proggy indecision vignette.

Delmore Pilcrow – Westerbergian lost weekend.

Babar – Odd metered funk.

Fishboy – Kinksian bully revenge.

Drug Mountain – Galloping nightmare screams.

Caleb Ian Campbell – Falsetto Bare Trees.

Shiny Around The EdgesTank Girl returns?

The Angelus – Alternative sea chantey.

George Quartz – Ferry? Only human.

Mount Righteous – Frenetic dystopian madness.

RTB2 – Real modern blues.

Summer Of Glaciers – Idiosyncratically syncopated dreamscape.

Dust Congress – Albee’s No Depression.

Florene – Denton does Eurodisco.

Roy Robertson – Pellucid Yes simulacrum.

Geistheistler – Got tonality? Nope.

Sarah Renfro – Languid political lament.

Handbrake – Adrift at wheel.

Doug BurrTalking Heads ’11.

Amo Joy – Napoleon XIV redux?

P.D. Wilder – 2011 space odyssey.

Daniel Folmer – Mo’ Replacements echoes.

Kaboom – Clank, clank, shriek.

Burntsienna Trio – Waitsian blues dirge.

Northern – Bruce Springsteen? Nah.

So there.


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