Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FWSO playing "The Rite of Spring" May 6-8

As I'm playing shows Friday and Sunday that week, I won't be there, but the Fort Worth Symphony is playing Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring" on Friday 5.6.2011 (7:30pm), Saturday 5.7.2011 (8pm), and Sunday 5.8.2011 (2pm). Worth checking out in this, the piece's centennial year. The phrase that pays is "You owe it to yourself."

Here's Pierre Boulez conducting Milan's Orchestra Filarmonica della Scala back in 2006.


Blogger Fast Film said...

So far, my favorite conductor's recording of Rite of Spring remains Seiji Ozawa. I have no idea where he found the extra dynamics, but he did!

I also love Rite of Spring for its riotpunk beginnings. Upon its debut, the audience so revolted against the modernity of both its music and dancing that their shrieking and throwing things drowned out everything coming from the orchestra pit, and poor Nijinsky, its choreographer, was reduced to standing on a chair gesticulating wildly to get the orchestra back on the (freeform) beat.

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