Sunday, April 24, 2011

4.24.2011, FTW

1) HIO dinner/recording sesh at T. Horn's house. Finally got to enjoy his famous turkey burgers, as well as several fine beers. The perfect host. He'd prepared the recording situation, and I was interested to note that his animals (dogs Sparky and Timmy, orange cat Jazz) weren't afraid of the amplifiers the way our guys are. While we were playing, I watched some of Restrepo -- a doc about American soldiers in Afghanistan, whose director Tim Hetherington was killed in Libya this past week -- with the sound turned off. It made me think about a friend who's currently serving in Afghanistan. Hoping for his safe return. Turns out one of the soldiers from the platoon in the movie was the first living Medal of Honor recipient since Vietnam.

2) After recording for almost an hour, we watched some of the doc with the sound on and bits of a few horror flicks while Terry downloaded the video. He says I play the most aggressively of the three of us. I think Hickey plays the most consistently surprising things (since we got him off the gopichand), although his guitar playing makes me a little nuts. Terry's the glue that binds us; really, the concept of the band is his.

3) Terry also burned me a copy of the CD he bought from Apollo 18 at 1919 Hemphill. Comparisons being odious, they don't have the massive bottom that Boris does (which made the Japanese trio such big faves among punk-rock brats that teethed on Melvins and Sleep), but they're more than just a Bush to Boris' Nirvana. They're all skillful, finesse-y players who can still attack their instruments aggressively and with abandon. Lots of slow-to-moderate tempos with busy riddim arrangements, and edge-of-chaos fuzz-'n'-feedback guitar. (It was interesting to see the guitarist on the set; he starts with an almost solid-state-like amp sound, then adds TS-9 and Big Muff to get his tone.) Some more uptempo, groovin' stuff as well. Will be listening to this for awhile.


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